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Cocktail Arcade

What's Unique About A Cocktail Arcade?

Unlike standard arcades, cocktail arcades are intended to be played while sitting. The design of a cocktail arcade makes it so that drinks can be set down on their glass top while playing. Games are usually designed to accommodate two players sitting at opposite ends of the table. This element, along with the overhead view of the screen, makes cocktail arcades a more communal experience than standard arcades. People can gather around to watch players compete against each other without blocking the view of the screen.

The Spin


Our cocktails are a mix of original cabinets, custom developed, and a hybrid. Each cocktail arcade has been upgraded to a multicade. You have a lot of game choices loaded into a single machine. At minimum, each arcade has several games contained within a single unit.


Each cocktail arcade offers unique gameplay. All of our cocktail arcades are two player configuration and allows for head to head competition. Contact us to learn more about the game objectives and difficulties. 

Our cocktail arcades are a great option for young children, attendees that cannot stand for long periods of time, or guests who are wheelchair bound. Each machine comes with accompanying chairs designed to match the height of the arcade.


Each cocktail arcade requires on average about 5 feet x 5 feet of space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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