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Activating Experiences Everywhere. Creating Memories Individually.

Who We Are

There are no labels here. Game Flash Events sees people as people. No interaction is forced. We always go wild, but always on point. We're experienced, cultured, and mature. Our team believes in eccentricity, but not outlandishness. It's widely-loved, carefully-calculated beauty, art, and branding. We're here to do more, at the center of everything.

Our Purpose

Our insight is inspired by community. We compose both online and offline, tangible interactions with the lesser-known facets of the event industry. Guests leave feeling energized after engaging in masterful experiences centered around your event that they don't need to be spelled out. Game Flash Events takes the best and makes it better, period.

Our Vision

We believe early adopters will change the world. And early adopters love gaming, esports, entertainment, and emerging technologies. We create the most innovative immersive experiences by bringing the physical and digital worlds together for events. 

Our Ethos

Continually expand our emerging technologies and event capabilities to connect the digital and physical into immersive experiences for our events and fans.

Stemming from that, there's purpose in our name. Game represents our game activations and Flash represents our photo activations. We are students of the game and photo industries. We intensely examine the best technologies so that we can synthesize and reprocess what we've learned and inject that toward the best approach for your event. 

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