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Video Games Redefined

We've perfected the art of video game inspired events, and our video game activations aim to make you feel incredible.


We are serious gamers. We eat, sleep, and breathe video games. We’ve amassed a video game and console inventory that spans from pre-Atari to the next gen. It’s all bundled into custom built LED gaming stations, esport setups, and rare and original video game kiosks.


Our equipment has been given a modern upgraded and is energy star compliment. Contact us to help you select the most optimal video games for your event.

Event Optimization

We’ll tell your story and bring to life what excites you.


Let’s start by identifying the game genre that speaks your language and develop a layout centered around your ideal gaming experience. We’ll supply you and your guests with experiences that promote friendly competition and create shareable moments.

Customer Experience 

We want to ensure that you and your guests have a seamless experience from the moment you walk into your venue space. We deliver and stage your items quickly and on-time. Our staff provides on-demand event management and guidance, either onsite or virtually.


When building your video game event, we can transform your space into a gamer’s paradise. Your custom overarching theme can anchor the look and feel of days past. Themes can range from retro-wave inspired visuals to an iconic 80s bedroom where a game console sits on a dresser with two controllers waiting to be played.


Contact us now, and let’s talk about how we can create a custom experience developed exclusive to you.



We create activations to match the true gamer atmosphere, riddled with gaming wonders and incredible rarities. We flavor the experience with architectural build-outs and retro items that have been lost to technological advancements

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Your Video Game Options

Select the images below to navigate to each video game genre.

***Please note: we support our troops, veterans, and first responders by offering a discount.***

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