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Video Game Kiosk

What Exactly Is A Video Game Kiosk?

The video game kiosk is a rare part of video game history.


They're the original game demo units produced by manufacturers to display their upcoming consoles. Video game kiosks were sent to very select retailers. At the end of their products life cycle, the units were retrieved and recycled. 


Each video game kiosk can hold one video game console and can house different units.

Keeping It Nostalgic


Our video game kiosks are complete, and come with their original advertisements from the times they were introduced to the public. The video game kiosks have been upgraded with modern technology for functionally. However, we've maintained the original video game consoles for each, preserving the essence of what makes them unique.


Each video game kiosk comes ​with the console it was designed around and your choice of video game. We have the most popular titles for each system, and near complete game libraries to choose from. Two player and four player configurations are available. Every video game kiosk allows for head to head competition.


Contact us for video game title recommendations, their objective, and difficulty

Each video game kiosk requires on average about 3 feet x 5 feet of space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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