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Why A Pinball Over A Video Game Or Arcade?

Playing one on our pinball machine rentals simply caters to a different sense of nostalgia. Slapping the buttons on a pinball machine is an experience that crosses every generation of gamer. It's a feeling that transcends age and conjures up memories from simpler times.

Just the Facts


Our pinball machines are solid state units that have been modernized. The screens and speakers have been upgraded with modern technology to improve the play experience. Our pinball machines rentals also have upgraded LED lights and new rubber on all the bounce and bump points so the ball catapults across the play field.


All of our pinball machine rentals are single player configuration. Contact us to learn more about the game themes and difficulties. 


Each pinball machine requires on average about 4 feet x 6 feet of space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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