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Standard Arcade

What Is A Standard Arcade?

Often called by different names - standard, upright, full standing, or traditional arcade, these are the most common machines and what most people envision when they imagine an arcade. Most stand about 6 feet tall and typically have eye-catching artwork advertising the game along the sides and top of the machine. 

Retro Meets Modern


Our arcades are original cabinets and artwork that have been upgraded to multicades. That means you have a lot of game options packed into a single machine. At minimum, our arcades have several games contained within a single unit. Most have thousands of games available. 


Each arcade offers unique game play. All of our standard arcades are one to two player configurations and allows for head to head competition. Contact us to learn more about the game objectives and difficulties. 


Each standard arcade requires on average about 3 feet x 5 feet of space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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