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Is eSports A Video Game Tournament?

Yes and more specifically, eSports also known as electronic sports, and is a highly organized video game tournament. Most commonly, eSports are multiplayer video game competitions between casual or professional players, individually or in teams. 

We organize both casual and legal video game tournaments. The casual tournaments are geared toward game players of any level of experience whereas legal tournaments are geared toward highly skilled, experienced game players. 


The video game tournament will include games that are competitive and offer short round game play. We don't limit the game competition to strictly fighting genres most commonly seen in the video game industry. We include speed runs, racing, shooting, fighting, action, puzzles, and a Game Flash Events fan favorite - video game trivia.

Winning Ingredients


The eSport setup includes all the necessary equipment to manage a tournament. With a friendly video game tournament, we provide a high end projector, XL projector screen, surround sound speaker system, video game table, LED cube chairs, PA system, supporting video game controllers, and your choice of video game console and game.

Our staff remains onsite to organize and run the video game tournament. We create brackets to produce a first and second place winner.


Contact us for more details on how to position a friendly video game tournament for your event.

With the legal video game tournament, this is a long term affair that requires proper seeding and skilled tournament organization. We have a professional TO on staff that can assist with your long term video game tournament needs. Please contact us for more details.

The video game tournament setup requires on average about 10 feet x 10 feet of space to accommodate the equipment. However, it's important to note that guests will observe the tournament so additional space is typically required to accommodate for your guests and attendees.

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