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Table Top Arcade

What's Great About A Table Top Arcade?

Table Top arcades are small, compact machines designed to sit on top of a counter or table. That makes them the an ideal option if you're short on floor space.

The Skinny


​These table top arcades are brand new. Each table top arcade has been upgraded to a multicade and offers several game choices on each machine. At minimum, each arcade has several games contained within a single unit.

All of our table top arcades are two player configuration, which allows for head to head competition. Contact us to learn more about the game objectives and difficulties. 

Similar to the cocktail and cabaret arcades, these table top arcades are a great option for young children, attendees that cannot stand for long periods of time, or guests who are wheelchair bound.


Each table top arcade requires on average about 20 inches x 20 inches of table space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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