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Arcade and photo booth rental austin

Arcade Reimagined 

From the beginning, Game Flash Events has provided opportunities for people to come together. We foster unique experiences. 


Arcade game themed events provide an opportunity for one-on-one connection. We believe in allowing guests to be part of something that pulls at their inner child.


Lets craft something awe-inspiring together. 

The Right Stuff

We understand gaming, entertainment, emerging technology, and what fans are passionate about. So, we’ve curated some of the best arcades representing each generation and genre.


Our arcades are upgraded with modern technology, are energy star compliant, offer low energy consumption, all while preserving their classic essence. With this, it's a guarantee our arcades will work perfectly come the day of your event.

We will guide you in selecting the optimal arcade(s) that work within your dedicated space and will match your event theme and intensity.

Our Approach To You

With classic arcade designs in mind, we start by crafting a custom arcade layout that is both welcoming and inviting. Our smart design encourages crowd participation and provides attendees a space to socially interact, strike up nostalgic conversations, and walk away with an experience that will not be forgotten.

Proactive Management

We offer arcade event management starting with the delivery and staging process. We arrive and setup quickly and efficiently, and we can remain onsite or manage your event virtually.


When developing your event design, we go beyond simply placing arcades in a strategic location. We supplement our arcades with conveniences and ambient accent items.

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Your Arcade Options

Select the images below to navigate to each respective arcade genre.

***Please note: we support our troops, veterans, and first responders by offering a discount.***

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