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Photo Booth Reinvented

Photo booth potential can be so much more in the modern age. Technology evolves at the speed of light, so it's essential our photo booth products represent an evolution in photo experiences. From immersive activations to unique video experiences and custom installs, discover the most sought-after photo products for your event or brand activation.

Custom Design

Our LED photo stands changed the status quo for traditional indoor photo booths. We designed and developed our photo booth stands to be exclusive, one of a kind, and unlike anything on the market. With that, our final product produces immersive and interactive experiences unlike any other.

Be The Talk Of The Town

Fully customizable, instant sharing, and super simple to use. We work with you to personalize your photo booth experience and provide the best content and layouts to compliment your style. Add a logo, promote a campaign, or incorporate animation. Our software offers exciting features in one powerful package.

We want to bring your event ideas to life. In combining our powers, we can make the world smile. Our next step is to focus on aesthetics and the optimal photo booth setup to match your event.

Event Impact

When it comes to your event, we’re defying gravity, redefining dreaming, and thinking outside the conventional. These aren’t just events we're creating; they are avenues for making memories. So, when it comes to the day of your event, we manage your photo booth experience to be convenient and frictionless. We deliver, setup, and arrive on-time, every time without fail. 

Photo Booth Creative

Our expertise in custom activations lies in understanding the experiences your attendees are looking for, and the emotional needs that underlie them - that is critical to developing unique experiences that don't just entertain, but resonate with your guests.

Custom activation doesn't have to be big, nor should it be cut and paste. No two activations are ever alike. Our goal is to create something that will amplify, enhance, and create a further sense of coming together.

HP-Hero-Top-Rt-Overlay-Slant edited flip


Packed into our software are animated GIFs and Boomerangs. These photos have never been so popular – you can barely escape them on social media. Conversing in the traditional form has become obsolete and it’s now much easier to communicate using GIF memes.

Your Photo Booth Options

Select the images below to navigate to each photo booth.

***Please note: we support our troops, veterans, and first responders by offering a discount.***

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