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Video Game Station

What's Fun About A Video Game Station?

Our video game stations are a Game Flash Events original custom-built, in-house unit. These are often imitated by our competitors, but never duplicated. Uniquely designed and one of a kind, these video game stations combine both retro and modern gaming into one. They offer synchronized LED lights to illuminate any space.

Completely Unique


Each game station pays a tribute to the iconic video game brands by displaying their logos. They include Dream Station hardware, which is a rare piece of video game history. While using multiple video game stations, the LED lights can be synchronized for unity. Each station can be used as a standalone unit or combined with two or more game stations to expand your game play.

The video game stations come with a 32" flat panel monitor, your choice of console, and a video game. The flat panel monitor includes LED lights that synchronize to the lights on the video game stations. Each can be set to a solid color or can auto-play through a series of programmed colors. A video projector can also be used in place of monitor.


Each video game station is complete with a thermal trigger to keep the video game consoles operating at optimal temperature. So, you and your guests can play for any duration of time without the console failing.


Since the video game stations are equip for any video game console, all of our video game stations offer two to four player configurations for head to head competition.


Contact us to learn more about our video game consoles, games, and difficulties. 

Each video game station requires on average about 3 feet x 3 feet of space to provide game players with an adequate area to play comfortably.

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