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Arcades Reinvented -

We saw the potential for arcades to be so much more in the modern age.

Game Flash Events Arcade Rentals and Custom Activations

We're more than just a rental company. We are pioneers, front runners, and innovators of the freshest activations and creative arcade experiences. We bring your ideas to life with the latest and greatest game technology. Whether it's through a brand installation, a stylish private event, or creating a candid moment, we provide immersive arcades for all occasions.

With us, we don't just slap arcades against a wall to retrieve later after your event. We work with you to design a re-imagined childhood arcade so you and your guests can walk away with everlasting memories. We fully understand that you're investing into an experience, not just a product, so let us help you make that unforgettable.

We offer Austin the best arcade rental inventory, period. Our items are easy to use, clean, presentable, modernized, and guaranteed to work! So call us today to start your creation process.

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Call or Text us: 512.924.4348

Monday - Sunday: 10am to 10pm

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