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Virtual Booth

What Is A Virtual Booth?

Our virtual booth is the newest edition to our photo booth lineup. With current times, crowd or group gathering can prove to be challenging so we designed this booth to be used remotely anytime, anywhere without the requirement of our photo equipment while still being able to receive an amazing photo booth experience.

When To Use A Virtual Booth?

The virtual booth is browser based and is geared toward remote teams, virtual events, conferences, and more. It can be used virtually for every occasion straight from your computer or mobile device. Rather if you are hosting an event from the comforts of your home to hosting a destination event with limited guests due to current restrictions, this booth provides the same experience as if you were in one of our photo booths.

What's Included?

The virtual booth is feature rich and highly customizable. Since there is no equipment required to use our booth, we configure your photo experience tailored specifically to your event. The virtual booth offers instant sharing and is super simple to use. It includes still image, GIF, and boomerang picture formats. It also offers group sessions, AI backgrounds, and social sharing.


Plus several of our usual treats - logo design, training, unlimited photos, private branding, and digital photo gallery of every image captured from your event sent the same day.

Easy To Use?

Yes. It's just a simple click of a button. The photo software guides you on screen how to use the virtual booth and we are also just a phone call away to assist. 



The virtual booth rental price is $399.99 for four hours of use. Each additional hour is $99.99. 

Dimensions And Requirements?

Not applicable as this is used with personal computer and mobile devices.

Product Features

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